I Like it Better Here - Some More Music from Home

For the second digital compilation of “I Like It Better Here – Music From Home”, several American artists in the frontline of the “no depression-fold” have relinquished new and exclusive tracks – Albert & Gage, Clarence Bucaro, Bob Cheevers, Greg Copeland, Fur Dixon & Steve Werner, Fayssoux, Ted Russell Kamp, Annie Keating, Steve Mednick, Keith Miles and Steve Noonan.

Where the first volume had more of a European focus, this second volume is strictly an American affair…

The songs touches a wide pallet of subjects – From “a sense of home” to “afraid to go home”, from “longing for home” to “time to go home”, and from “feels like coming home” to “the places the devil calls home”.

Just like Plato said in ‘Allegory Of The Cave’; “When the two lovers are finally stripped, even of physical fire, humbling them to the realization that the love that binds them together is not merely romantic – It is elemental and inevitable. It is home.”